Explore these issues with regard to gender law:

Gender Equity

  • Keynote Address: Gender Equity in the 21st Century, Vol XVIII Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest, 417 (2015)
  • Legal Challenges to All-Female Organizations, with N. Krent and V. Watkin, 21 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 171 (1986)
  • Note, Home Health Care for the Elderly, 22 Harvard Journal on Legislation 193 (1985)

Pregnancy Accommodations

  • EEOC Guidance on pregnancy
  • DOJ Brief in UPS v. Young
  • UPS v. Young

Workplace Flexibility

  • Workplace Flexibility 2010: Reflections on Working with Corporations, 36 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change 147-169 (2012) ¬†
  • Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Workplace Flexibility: The State of Play in 2008, in A. Booth and A. Crouter (eds.), Work-Life Policy, Urban Institute Press¬†(2009)
  • WF2010 report on Workplace Flexibility
  • WF 2010 report on Family Security Insurance
  • For the full set of materials from Workplace Flexibility 2010, please visit:

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