About this website

This website gathers my law review articles, short pieces and videos in one place, organized by topic. I have also included some primary materials, such as cases, laws, regulations, and guidance that are relevant to the topics. 

The website is designed to serve as an archive of the legal and policy work I have done over the past decades and a living repository of the work I continue to do. I hope it will also be a useful resource for anyone working on the issues I cover on this website. 

Because this website has my work spread out in many different sections, I have also created a selection of my articles, book chapters and reports. They reflect a mixture of my scholarly work and my federal legislative, regulatory and policy work.

I have been very lucky to work with Pamela Agar in creating this website and with Beth Elzer on the graphics. If you get nothing else from reading this page, you can get references for people who do excellent work at reasonable prices. You can reach Pamela Agar at hello@pamelaagar.com and Beth Elzer at beth.elzer@gmail.com.

Enjoy browsing!