Forthcoming events:

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Previous presentations and events:



  • November 2019:  Retrospectives on Labor & Employment Law, Panel, College of Labor & Employment Lawyers Annual Program, New Orleans, LA
  • October 2019:  Creating a Skills-Based Culture of Compliance & Respect, NAVEX Global Virtual Conference.
  • October 2019: #METOO 2.0, Panel, PLI Employment Law Institute, New York, NY
  • September 2019:  Aggressive Diversity and Inclusion: Initiatives Spurring Potential Litigation, Panel, Corporate Counsel Women of Color Conference, Chicago. IL
  • August 2019:  The #MeToo Reckoning:  How Far We’ve Come and Where We Go from Here, Panel, Civil Rights and Social Justice Section, American Bar Association Annual Conference.
  • July 2019:  Leadership Secrets: Laying Down the Law is Just the Start – Creating Safe, Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces, Keynote, Powershift Summit, Washington. DC
  • May 2019:  Post-#MeToo: Creating Safe, Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces, Keynote, DRI, 2019 Employment and Labor Law Seminar, Phoenix, AZ
  • April 2019:  The Past, Present and Future of EEO Law and Policies, Keynote Interview with Michael Reiss, Pacific Coast Labor & Employment Law Conference, Seattle, WA
  • April 2019:  Resetting Corporate Culture, Panel, National Conference on EEO Law, ABA Section on Labor & Employment, EEO Committee, Coral Gables, FL
  • March 2019: Reflections on the ADA and Social Change, Keynote, Disability Rights: Past, Present & Future, UDC Law School
  • February 2019: Changing Workplace Culture: Future Directions for the Jewish Community, BBYO International Convention, Denver, CO
  • February 2019: Religious Liberty and LGBTQI Rights: Finding the Right Balance, Named Lecture, 8th Annual Ruth Bader Ginsberg Lecture, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, CA
  • January 2019: Power Shift: The View from the EEOC, The Power Shift Summit 2.0: #MeToo and the Media One Year Later, Newseum Foundation, Washington, DC.


  • December 2018: Preventing Workplace Harassment: From Compliance to Culture Change, NILG Webinar, Washington, DC
  • November 2018:  The #MeToo Era and Respectful Workplaces, Panel, HR Policy Association Fall Labor and Employment Conference, Washington, DC
  • November 2018:  EEOC in the #MeToo Era, Panel, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, 12th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • October 2018:  Creating and Maintaining an Exemplary Judicial Workplace, Panel, 2018 Third Circuit Judicial Conference, Wilmington, DE.
  • October 2018: New Pathways on Harassment Prevention: Lessons from the US, Keynote, Employment Law Association Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada
  • September 2018:  Seizing the #MeToo Moment: Converting Awareness Into Action, Lecture, NYU School of Law, New York, NY
  • September 2018:  #Metoo and Beyond Sexual Harassment, Panel, Harvard Law School, Celebration 65: Raising Our Voices, Cambridge, MA
  • August 2018:  Looking Forward on Employment Issues and the EEOC, Navigating the Waves of Change, 2018 ILG National Conference, Anaheim, CA
  • August 2018:  Employment Issues for the Federal Sector, Plenary, FDR Annual Conference, Orland. FL
  • July 2018:  #WeToo in the Legal Workplace, Panel, Congressional Summit, National Association of Women Judges, Washington DC
  • June 2018:  ADA: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Keynote, Protection and Advocacy Annual Conference, National Disability Rights Network, Baltimore MD
  • May 2018:  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A View from the EEOC, Keynote, Ogletree Deakins, Workplace Strategies, Phoenix, AZ
  • May 2018:  Taking the Lead on Making Change, Keynote, Jewish Community Partnership Leadership Gathering, Washington, DC
  • May 2018:  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Keynote, AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • April 2018:  The Importance of Work and Disability Rights, Named Lecture, Campbell Lecture, Ohio State Law School, Columbus, OH
  • March 2018:  Labor and Employment Law in the Trump Administration, Panel, 22nd Annual Corporate Counsel Institute, Georgetown Law, Washington, DC
  • March 2018:  Facing the Challenge: Strengthening Federal Law and Policy, Panel, Summit & Congressional Briefing, Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Workplace and Schools, Washington, DC
  • February 2018:  Rebooting Harassment Prevention, Keynote, Leadership Meeting, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC


  • November 2017: EEOC Priorities and Structures, Minnesota State Bar Association, Labor & Employment Law Institute, Minneapolis, MN
  • November 2017:  An Insider’s Perspective on the EEOC, Panel, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, 11th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, Washington DC
  • October 2017: Disclosure of Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace, Senior Leadership Convening, NAMI, American Psychiatric Association Foundation, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, New York, NY
  • October 2017:  Updates on the EEOC, Cornell ILR Event, New York, NY
  • October 2017: Pathways to LGBT Equality, Panel, Harvard Law School Centennial Celebration, Cambridge, MA
  • September 2017:  EEOC Headline Issues, Keynote, Epstein Becker 35th Annual Workforce Management Briefing, New York, NY
  • June 2017: Trends in Employment Discrimination Law, Panel, NELA Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • April 2017: Dancing Through the Minefield: Religious Exemptions, LGBTQ Issues, and Jesuit Higher Education, Panel, Georgetown University Alumni Conference, Austin, TX
  • April 2017:  Inequity, Discrimination, and Retaliation in Academia: Rebooting Harassment Prevention, Keynote, Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference, Portland, OR.
  • April 2017: “You Don’t Look Sick”:  Invisible Illnesses and the ADA, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee, National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law, New Orleans, LA
  • March 2017:  EEOC Priorities and Activities, Panel, SHRM Annual Legislative Conference, Washington, DC
  • March 2017:  Looking Ahead on LGBTQ Rights, Keynote, Midwest LGBTQ Conference, St. Louis, Missouri
  • February 2017: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a Time of Transition, Lecture, Presidential Transition Speaker Series, Temple Law School, Philadelphia, PA
  • February 2017: Towards a Theory of Independent Agencies: A Case Study of the EEOC, Keynote, Exclusion, Inclusion and the Administrative State, Duke Law Journal’s 47th Annual Administrative Law Symposium, Durham, NC


  • November 2016:  25 Years after the Civil Rights Act of 1991: Reflections on “Reform” Legislation, Panel, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, 10th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, Chicago, IL
  • October 2016: Coming Out About Mental Illness in the Workplace, ABA Commission on Disability Rights, National Disability Awareness Month Convening, Washington, DC
  • October 2016:  Updates from the EEOC, PLI Employment Law Institute, New York, NY
  • October 2016:  Advancing the Law: LGBT Rights and Disability Rights, Lecture, University of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • September 2016: EEOC Procedures and Priorities, ALM, 4th Annual Women, Influence and Power in Law Conference, Washington, DC.
  • September 2016:  Employment of People with Disabilities in the Government and Private Sector, Exploring the US Model Conference, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Arlington, VA.
  • August 2016:  The Evolving Cultural Dimensions of Diversity and Inclusion, Panel, Future @ Work: FMCS, Chicago, IL


  • July 2016:  The Intersection Between Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights in Employment, Lavender Law Conference, Washington, DC
  • July 2016:  Galvanizing the Forces: Moving Forward in the Disability and LGBT Rights Movements, Netroots Nation Annual Gathering, St. Louis. MO
  • June 2016: Rebooting Harassment Prevention: The EEOC Co-Chairs’ Report from the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace, UMass Lowell Women’s Leadership Conference, The Power and Potential of Women, Lowell, MA


  • May 2015:  Norms, Institutions, Practices and Methods of Equality Law, Grammars of Equality A Transatlantic Conversation (REGINE), Panel, Paris, France.


  • November 2014:  Gender Equity: 50 Years after the Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Keynote, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 at 50: Past, Present & Future, Symposium, Boston University School of Law, Boston, MA
  • November 2014:  Youth, Employment and the Law, Showcase Panel, Annual National Lawyers Convention, The Federalist Society, Washington, DC
  • November 2014:  The Rights of LGBT Employees in the Workplace, Panel, ABA Eighth Annual Labor & Employment Conference, Los Angeles, CA.
  • November 2014:  The Right to Religious Accommodation: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the CRA of 1964, Lecture, USC School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
  • October 2014:  Gender Equity: 50 Years After Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Named Lecture, Vacketta DLA Piper Lecture, University of Illinois College of Law, Champaign, IL.
  • October 2014:  EEOC Priorities, PLI Employment Law Institute 2014, New York, NY
  • October 2014:  Gender Rights in Employment, Keynote, Annual Conference, National Organization of Lawyers for Educational Organizations, Washington, DC
  • September 2014:  Gender Equity: Reflections of the 50th Anniversary of the CRA of 1964, Keynote, 2014 Symposium: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Right Act of 1964, Richmond Journal of the Law and Public Interest, U of Richmond Law School, Richmond, VA
  • September 2014:  Employment of People with Disabilities: The Path Forward, Keynote, Annual ADA Conference, Mid-Atlantic ADA Center,
  • September 2014:  EEOC – The Discussion Continues, Panel, 44th Annual Conference on Labor Relations and Employment Law, Virginia Bar Association, Gaylord, VA
  • August 2014:  Update on the ADA and the EEOC, Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference, Omaha, Nebraska
  • June 2014:  Progression of Gender Rights in the United States, Keynote, Workshop on Transactional Perspectives on Equality Law, American Association of Law Schools, Washington, DC
  • June 2014:  LGBT and Disability Rights, White House Forum on LGBT and Disability Issues, White House, Washington, DC
  • June 2014:  Gender Discrimination in Employment, Opportunities for Women in Non-Traditional Employment, Wider Opportunities for Women, Washington, DC
  • June 2014:  Civil Rights Legislation, Workshop on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues, American Association of Law Schools SOGII Section, Washington, DC
  • June 2014:  What I Wish I Had Known When I Was Drafting That, Second International Conference on Legislative Drafting and Law Reform, Washington, D.C.
  • May 2014:  Celebrating 50 years of Title VII: Lessons from the Past, Present and Future, Pacific Coast Labor & Employment Law Conference, Seattle, WA
  • April 2014:  LGBT and Employment Law Issues, 39th Annual Michigan Labor and Employment Law Institute, Detroit, MI
  • April 2014: Views from the EEOC, Innovations in Workplace and Community Wellness: Navigating the New Terrain, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Corporate Citizenship Center, Washington DC
  • April 2014:  Complexifying Accommodation in Anti-Discrimination Law, Panel, Religious Accommodation in the Age of Civil Rights Symposium, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA.
  • April 2014:  Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation: Best Practices for Employers, Panel, FMLA/ADAAA Employer Compliance Conference, Disability Management Employer Coalition
  • March 2014:  Pay Equity: Practice Steps to Achieving and Maintaining Fair Pay Practices and Avoiding Pay Claims by Protected Groups, Panel, National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee, Rancho Mirage, CA
  • March 2014:  Envisioning the Future of Employment for People with Disabilities, Keynote, National Disability Rights Network Summit, Washington, DC
  • March 2014:  The 50th Anniversary of Title VII and the 1964 Civil Rights Act: The Legal and Social Change Implications, Lecture, Washington University School of Law Assembly Series, St. Louis, MO
  • March 2014:  Disability and LGBT Rights, Keynote, Mazzoni Center Legal Services, Philadelphia, PA (received Justice in Action award)
  • February 2014:  Perspectives on the Civil and Disability Rights Movements, Panel,National African American History Month Program: Civil Rights in America, White House, Washington. DC
  • February 2014:  EEOC Initiatives and Recent Cases, Panel, Midwinter Meeting, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, Federal Labor Standards and Legislation Committee, Miami FL.
  • February 2014:  Insights from the EEOC, NYC Management Group, New York, NY
  • January 2014: The State of Title VII, Panel, 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Symposium, Stanford Law School, San Francisco, CA
  • January 2014: Emerging Issues in ADA/ADAAA Related to Leave Policies, Qualification Standards and Essential Functions, Panel, Agency Liaison Meeting, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee, Washington DC
  • January 2014: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Title VII – Then & Now, Panel, American Association of Law Schools, New York, NY.


  • November 2013: Federal Initiatives to Reduce Discrimination and Increase Civil Rights and Equality, Panel, Annual Conference, Association of University Center on Disabilities, Washington DC
  • November 2013:  Essential Functions, Qualification Standards, and Reasonable Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Panel, ABA Seventh Annual Labor & Employment Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • October 2013:  Equal Opportunity in the Workforce System 2013, Panel, National Association of Workforce Agencies, EEO Committee, Washington, DC
  • October 2013: Arrest Records as Barriers to Employment, Panel, Adler School, Institute on Social Exclusion, Chicago, IL
  • October 2013: Discrimination Charges: Identifying Patterns and Employer Factors, Panel, Improving Employment for People with Disabilities Conference, Cornell University Rehabilitation and Research Training Center, Washington, DC
  • July 2013:  The ADA and Community Integration, Panel, Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities, Washington, DC
  • May 2013:  Disability Rights in Employment, Building a More Inclusive Workforce Summit, U. of Delaware, Wilmington, DE
  • May 2013:  A Conversation with the EEOC, Jones Day Health Care Labor & Employment Symposium, Washington, D.C.
  • May 2013:  Strategic Law Enforcement Priorities at the EEOC, College of Labor & Employment Lawyers (NY, Conn. and Northern NJ) New York, NY.
  • April 2013: Securing Justice for All, American Defamation League Centennial Summit, Washington, DC
  • April 2013: Two panels:  EEOC vs. CRST: Effect on the EEOC’s “Litigation Vehicles” and Conciliation Process, and ADAAA Reasonable Accommodations, National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee, Savannah, GA
  • March 2013: The Arc of Law and Culture in LGBT Rights, National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts, 25th Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • March 2013: EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan, SHRM 2013 Employment Law & Legislative Conference, Society for Human Resource Management, Washington, DC
  • March 2013: Why Diversity Matters, NY State Bar Association, Labor & Employment Committee, New York, NY
  • February 2013:  Why Diversity Matters, Diversity in the Legal Profession, Society for American Law Teachers, Washington, DC


  • December 2012:  EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan, Memphis Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section Conference, Memphis, TN
  • November 2012:  The Future of LGBT Rights, Ford Foundation Conference on LGBT Rights, New York, NY
  • October 2012: Achieving Social Change: Lessons from Disability & LGBT Rights, Lecture, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, MO
  • October 2012:  Achieving Social Change: Lessons from Disability & LGBT Rights, Wayne State Law School, Annual Goodman Lecture, Detroit, MI
  • August 2012:  Achieving Social Change: Lessons from Disability & LGBT Rights, Third Annual Workplace Law Program, University of Denver Strum College of Law-Workplace Law Program, Denver, CO
  • June 2012:  Disability Rights and LGBT Rights, Employment Law for In-House Counsel, NYU Law School, New York, NY
  • June 2012: ADA and Reasonable Accommodation; and Roundtable Discussion with EEOC Officials, National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA
  • May 2012: Achieving Social Change as a Lawyer, Commencement Speaker, University of California Los Angeles School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 2012: The Rejuvenation of the ADA, Eighth Circuit National Employment Lawyers Association, St. Louis, MO
  • April 2012: Employment Discrimination and Disability Discrimination, Wefel Center for Employment Law, St. Louis University School of Law, St. Louis, MO
  • March 2012: Complex Leave of Absence Issues, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee Midwinter Meeting, San Francisco, CA
  • March 2012: The Future of LGBT Rights, Lecture, Dunn Civil Liberties Project Speaker Series, Institute of Bill of Rights Law, William and Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA.
  • March 2012: ADA and Reasonable Accommodation, ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law, Rights & Responsibilities Committee Midwinter Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
  • January 2012:  EEOC Litigation under the ADAAA, New York State Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section Meeting, New York State Bar Association, New York, NY


  • December 2011:  ADA and Reasonable Accommodation, Memphis Bar Association, Labor & Employment Law Annual Seminar, Memphis, TN
  • November 2011: ADA Amendments Act, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, 37th Annual Labor and Employment Law Institute, Plymouth, MI
  • November 2011: The Changing Civil Rights Landscape: Restoring Justice and Meaning, Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and University of Hawaii School of law, Honolulu HI
  • November 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, The Employment Round Table of Southern California and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Los Angeles, CA
  • November 2011: Recent Developments at the EEOC, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, Fifth Annual ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law Conference, Seattle, WA
  • October 2011: Keynote Address, Maine Disability Rights Center, Annual Conference, Portland, ME
  • October 2011: U.S./U.K. EEO Enforcement and Regulation, ELA International Committee & International Labor and Employment Law Committee of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, Transatlantic Conference on International Employment Issues, London, UK
  • August 2011: The ADA Amendments Act, Federal Dispute Resolution Conference, Palm Desert, CA
  • July 2011: Update on the EEOC, NELA Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • June 2011: Title VII and LGBT Issues, LGBT Law Section of State Bar of Texas, San Antonio, TX
  • May 2011: The Future Rights of Sexual Minorities, The Williams Institute- UCLA School of Law, Justice in the Balkans: Equality for Sexual Minorities, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • May 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, EEOC & University of Pennsylvania’s Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, A Forum on Disability Rights, Philadelphia, PA
  • May 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations and EEOC Investigations and the Use of Subpoena Power, 2011 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute, Saint Paul, MN
  • May 2011: The ADA and Veterans, Hire Disability Solutions,Be a Hero Hire a Hero Veterans Career Expo VIP Breakfast, New York, NY.
  • April 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, Houston Health Law Center, Houston, TX
  • April 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, American Diabetes Association, Employment Law Update Webinar, Washington, DC
  • April 2011: Diversity in the Federal Workforce, National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, MD
  • April 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, American Hotel and Lodging Association, Employment Law Update Webinar, Washington, DC
  • April 2011: Bridging the Gap between the Disability Rights Movement and other Civil Rights Movements, National Federation for the Blind and American Association of People with Disabilities, Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium, Baltimore, MD
  • April 2011: The ADA Amendments Act Regulations, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Employment Law Update Webinar, Washington, DC
  • April 2011: New Research on LGBT Employment Discrimination,The Williams Institute and UCLA School of Law, 2011 Williams Institute Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 2011: Workplace Flexibility: Emerging Legal Requirements, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, EEO Committee Meeting, New Orleans, LA
  • April 2011: Advancing the Fight for Justice, Equality, and Fairness,Anti-Defamation League, Annual National Leadership Conference, Washington, DC
  • March 2011: New Paradigm for Civil Rights, University of San Francisco Law School, 7th Annual Jack Pemberton Lecture on Workplace Justice, San Francisco, CA
  • March 2011: Ethical Considerations When Jurisprudence is Dominated by the Lawyer Not the Judge, ABA Section on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Mid Winter Meeting, San Juan, PR
  • March 2011: Keynote Lunch Speaker, Insights from the EEOC, New York University School of Law, 14th Annual NYU Workshop on Employment Law for Federal Judges, New York, NY
  • March 2011: Insights from the EEOC, SHRM Conference, Wash, DC
  • March 2011: Update on Employment Civil Rights Law, Georgetown Corporate Counsel Conference, Washington, DC
  • March 2011: Role of the EEOC and Upcoming Issues, Equal Employment Advisory Council, EEAC Annual Conference, Washington, DC
  • February 2011: Working with the EEOC to End Discrimination: Opportunities and Obstacles, Sociologists for Women in Sociology, San Antonio, TX
  • February 2011: Policy Forum: The Future of Civil Rights in the Workplace, Independent Living Research Utilization & University of Houston Health Law and Policy Center, Houston, TX
  • February 2011: From Page to Practice: Corporations as Progressive Actors, New York University Law School Journal on Law and Social Policy, Law and Social Policy Symposium, New York, NY


  • December 2010:  Civil Rights and Pluralism, Atlanta Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Association Labor and Employment Section Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • November 2010: A Vision of Equality: How Policy Advocacy Can Help Change the World, Sarah Lawrence College, Margaret Keller Distinguished Lecturer Series, Scarsdale, NY
  • November 2010: EEOC Vision: Partnerships that Work, Minnesota State Bar Association, Labor & Employment Law Institute, Minneapolis, MN
  • November 2010: Managing Disability Accommodations, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, Fifth Annual ABA Labor and Employment Conference, Chicago, IL
  • October 2010:  Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the ADA, Asian and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California Conference, Long Beach, CA
  • October 2010:  Rehabilitation Act and Reasonable Accommodation, NLRB EEO Conference, Washington, DC
  • October 2010: Being “Out & Equal” in Today’s Workplace, Keynote, Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Los Angeles, CA
  • October 2010: Understanding the EEOC’s Renewed Mandate, Virginia Bar Association, Reston, VA
  • October 2010:  The Role of the EEOC Today and Breaking Down Barriers in the Workplace: Representing Workers with Leave & Disability Claims, NELA Annual Conference, Oakland, CA
  • September 2010: Executive Roundtable on Workplace Flexibility, Society for Human Resource Management, Washington, DC
  • September 2010: Keynote, Community Options, 5th Annual iMatter National Advocacy Conference, Dallas, TX
  • July 2010: 20th Anniversary of the ADA, Senator Tom Harkin and the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, ADA Anniversary Commemoration, Washington, DC
  • June 2010: Plenary Address, EEOC, Fair Employment Practices Agencies National Training Conference, Philadelphia, PA
  • June 2010:  EEOC Mediation and Litigation, New York University School of Law Center for Labor and Employment Law, 63rd Annual Conference on Labor, New York, NY
  • January 2010: Transformative Law, Association of American Law Schools, Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA


  • June 2009: Workplace Flexibility, World at Work Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • June 2009:  The New Landscape of Disability Law: the ADA Amendments Act, Pacific Labor Law Conference, Seattle, WA.
  • May 2009:  Workplace Flexibility, Boston College and Corporate Voices, Conference on Workplace Flexibility, Washington, DC
  • May 2009: Public Policy Platform on Workplace Flexibility, Workplace Flexibility 2010, Policy Platform Launch Event, Washington, D.C.
  • March 2009:  The Future of Disability Rights, National Disability Rights Network Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD
  • February 2009, The “Family Friendly” Agenda: FMLA, Healthy Families Act, Responsibilities Discrimination and Other Priorities, Ogletree Deakins, Annual National Conference, Washington, DC


  • December 2008: The ADA Amendments Act of 2008, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, New York, NY.
  • November 2008:  The Debate: Anti-Discrimination or Accommodation, Respecting Expecting: the 30th Anniversary of the PDA, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT.
  • September 2008: Phased Retirement and Workplace Flexibility, ERISA Advisory Council, Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.
  • September 2008: From the Closet to a Place at the Table, 25th Anniversary of the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus, Harvard University,
  • August 2008: Recent Developments in Disability Rights Law, Second Annual National Association of Law Students with Disabilities Conference, Arlington, VA.
  • April 2008: Looking Past the Definition of Disability:  How Effective Are the ADA’s Affirmative Requirements In Achieving Equality for People with Disabilities in the Workplace?, Jacobus tenBroek Symposium on Disability Law, Baltimore, MD.
  • March 2008:  Difficult Conversations: Talking About LGBT and Disability Related Diversity, National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Diversity Summit, Philadelphia, PA. 
  • February 2008:  New Tracks for Gay Equality, Williams Institute’s Seventh Annual Update on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, Los Angeles, CA.


  • September 2007:  Workplace Flexibility 2010 – An Introduction, Work-Life Polices that Make a Real Difference for Individuals, Families, and Organizations, Penn State University, University Park, PA.
  • August 2007:  Workplace Flexibility and the United States, 19th Annual Women and Employment Conference, Sydney, Australia.
  • July 2007: Workplace Flexibility and Possibilities for New Governance, Law and Society Conference, Berlin, Germany:
  • June 2007:  Workplace Flexibility and Public Policy, Work-Life Balance, Labor & Employment Relations Association, National Policy Forum, Washington, D.C.
  • April 2007: Women and Public Policy, Barnard College Lecture Series, NYC


  • October 2006: Workplace Flexibility and Public Policy, in panel on Work and Self, Yale Alumnae Weekend Conference on Crafting a Life: Private, Public, and Professional, New Haven, CT (panel)
  • May 2006:  Public Policy Approaches from the U.S. and Abroad, International Conference on Workplace Flexibility, Annual Sloan Conference, Chicago (panel, moderator & organizer)
  • February 2006:  Working Lives: Renegotiating the Public & Private, Yale Faculty Forum, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT


  • November 2005:  Disability, Gender & Work, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C.
  • May 2005: Workplace Flexibility 2010: The Agenda, Sloan Foundation Conference on Workplaces and Working Families, Chicago, IL.
  • April 2005: Workplace Flexibility: Changing the Norms of Equality, Resetting the Clockwork: Possibilities for Healthy Employees, Retirees, Families, Businesses and Communities, University of Minnesota, Minn.
  • March 2005: Workplace Flexibility: The Next Frontier in Employment Law,The Rush McKnight Lecture in Labor Law, Case Western School of Law, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • March 2005:  The Great American Time-Squeeze: The Politics of Work and Family in a 24/7 World, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY
  • March 2005:  Lessons from Gender & Disability for Workplace Flexibility, Working Time, Discrimination & the Law: The Family Responsive Workplace in Europe and the United States, American University Washington College of Law, Washington, D.C.


  • May 2004: Building Political Will, Changing Public Policy: Is Flexible Work in Our Future?,” Sloan Foundation Conference on Workplaces and Working Families, Boston, MA.